How to make a great day for a Waffle House waitress or waiter

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1images6_Thumb.jpg Waffle House Servers,ready to greet you and serve you

 There aren’t too many places here in America where you walk in the door of a restaurant and are greeted so heartily by most all employees than the Waffle House. Who are these people smiling and energetic and ready to “beat you to the seat?” Your Waffle House server. This is one place in America that serves that southern kind of food with quickness, and friendly service.

 6a00c2252b4cdb549d00fa969745ff0003-500pi They have the brightest menus

For a moment I want you to walk in their shoes for a bit. These are a diverse group of individuals all working for you. They make only a bit more that $3/hr,their salaries are based mainly on tips.(TIPS, to insure proper service) yet,they continually show up, in their bright uniforms, trying to make your day a good one. These people have more work to do behind the scenes than you may have realized. For example, did you ever know that they actually hand-wash all the dishes and pans? No, they don’t use a dishwasher, they have dish sanitizer, but that’s a different thing. They come to work every day knowing no matter how good service they give, it will still be up to the customer to make or break their day. Have you ever seen the menu? These people have it memorized, and always have good suggestions for you. These hard working individuals don’t work on commission, so if they seem to suggest add ons to your hash browns, it’s not so they get more money, it’s because they want you to enjoy your hash browns to the fullest. Yes, every person’s job in America has it’s down side, but the people hired here, have more behind the scenes work to do than the average restaurant employee. They know this is expected of them, their side work and extra cleaning, but they still do it with as good an attitude as they can muster.

 gabby0321_Thumb.jpg Serving you at your booth

 You can stop into a Waffle House at any hour of the day or night, they are always open, and it is a requirement that every employee in the store must work a shift on every major holiday. So, yes, while you are home enjoying your Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter Dinner, there is a person who has to show up for work and still be pleasant when they themselves have families they are leaving behind to fulfill the requirements of the job. What they strive to do is give you prompt courteous service no matter how rude or nasty the customer may be. Most people think, “well, if these people don’t like being paid so little then they should go and get a job someplace else”. I just want you to stop and realize there is a reason these workers are here. Maybe some have been down on their luck and needed a starting place. Some just need that cash in hand so badly, and use what little money they make every day to stop after work and buy groceries for their own families,and there are those that make the food industry their career. This is where they excell.

 images1_Thumb.jpg A few dollars really does alot

Things that can really bring a server down, is for a customer to “stiff” them. That is, not leave any tip whatsoever. They may not realize that this person lives on tips, or maybe they thought they had bad service. If that was the case, ask to speak to the manager, and he or she will take care of what was wrong. Some people will pay their bill and hand the server the change. I mean literal change. Coins. This person needs you and you need them. Try to remember when you go into one of these little ‘joints’, that even though this is not considered “fine dining”, you may be this person’s only income for the day. Be considerate, leave a few dollars. Not a few cents. That server will remember you as they walk out of there at the end of the day with a smile on their face, thinking they did a good job, or walk out wondering what they didn’t do good enough, or what they could’ve done better. When you look at them, as they serve you, look at them as someone in your family, like your mom. Think how you’d like someone to treat your mom, and I think then you’ll see them with different eyes, and know how to make their day too.


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