Free Work At Home Jobs in Customer Service

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Update (or create) your resume. Make it short and sweet. Be sure to have a cover letter ready focusing on your customer service skills and experiences. I would save a set of your resume and cover letter in Wordpad for easy copy and paste to save time. Also be sure to know your availability. Are you looking for part-time or full-time? Select time frames that you will be available. Most companies will ask this during the application.

Be sure you have all the necessary equipment to work at home You will want to have a space away from distractions and noises, like a spare bedroom or a corner in your bedroom. Make sure your computer has up to date virus protection. You will also need a land-line phone, corded phone, and a headset. Preferably a noise-cancelling headset.

Here are some links to companies that hire people to work at home in the customer service industry. All the ones I list are legitimate, I have either worked for them or have researched them. But again, be sure to do your own research as well.
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