How to Know When to Get Off Your Computer for The Day

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IMG12841_Thumb.jpg Poor husband tired of waiting on you

 You’ve decided you need to check your computer for just a few moments to see how things are going on your ehow page. At first you need no light, because it’s still light outside. Soon you find yourself squinting your eyes, shoulders all humped over and the beginnings of a throbbing headache from hearing your earlier awake husband, now snoring.

 IMG1079_Thumb.jpg You will need a watch or computer clock to help you

What happened again? You forgot to practice what you learned. Experts say you need to do things for about 3 weeks to unlearn bad behavior. So realize you will need some time to overcome this misuse of your computer time. Today you will look at your computer clock or a watch and make mental note of the time, and set a deliberate boundary of time to allow yourself to stay on the computer just this time.

 samiwithroses_Thumb.jpg You receiving roses from your spouse

 Next you will redeem yourself by using self-control. You can do it. You will feel much better about yourself the next time you pop back on the computer to just “check out something on ehow a few minutes”, because you know you can be trusted! You will finally need less tylenol to take because of the headaches from the green glow and the squinting eyes. You will be using less visine, because when you awake in the morning, your eyes will not be as blood shot as they usually are, because you’ve decided to take control of yourself. You love your husband or wife, and you don’t want to fracture your marriage and go to marriage counselor to help repair it. You will save yourself money this way. In the long run, your health will be better, your posture will be better, you’ll have less Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) from typing and you will feel like a champion when you receive flower from your husband because he no longer feels neglected. It’s a win-win situation


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