Where to watch the inauguration online

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The inauguration can be watched live online and there will be plenty of TV News channel covering it too such as CBS News, Fox News, CNN, and C-SPAN. If you’re nowhere a TV set then you can also watch it online. Most News channel will have live streaming on their websites and you can view it there. CBS will have their webcast for the inauguration. MSNBC will have their webcast as well.

You can also embed the video into your own website. Fox News will have a live stream via Hulu. C-SPAN will also feature its webcast at its website. You can reserve your spot with facebook so that you’ll have a spot to view it. The New York Times and AP will also have their own webcast at their particular website. You can go to any of this particular website and you can search for their video section but it would be feature on the website on the 20th . You can also embed the video on your particular site. Twitter will also be sending out the stream to a few channels as well. It should be available at most News websites and you should not have a problem with accessing it.With all of these websites you will have no problem watching the inauguration. The inauguration is one of the most watched show in history and it’s very important so don’t miss it. You can also see performances by singers and such so that’s something to watch out for too. You can also get that on your phone too via Twitter. You should look at the websites early to see how you can do that.



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