Changing Your Life A little at a Time

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Perhaps we think our lives require many changes. Maybe thinking about changing our lives is overwhelming so we decide not to think about that word ‘change’. Avoiding the concept of changing of our lives may make living life more difficult. Some of us have had to never confront the idea that we can change. Perhaps our backgrounds influenced us to think that changing our way of living is not possible.

What does changing my life mean? Does it mean moving, working in a new field or location, developing new friendships, trying out new hobbies or restarting old ones? Does change mean trying new behavior? Once I have defined the term ‘change’ in reference to myself, I can consider a next step.What would I live to change in my life?

At this point, I can make a list of changes pertaining to myself writing whatever comes to my mind. I should not judge nor correct myself self at this point. I can choose the most important change first. By identifying the most important change, I can assign levels of importance for my remaining ‘proposed’ changes. Creating the requirements of your most important changes will help me focus and allow my changes to be more manageable.Questions I can ask myself are What will this change involve? What are the requirements?Are there any aspects of a change that can keep it from happening. Is the change realistic.

If not, retire this change and move on to the next important change on your list. Implement your change. Determine how long you think it will take to make this change happen but don’t expect yourself to meet a self-imposed deadline. Your goal is to make this change gradual. Depending on your change (some are more complex than others), decide to take small steps o implement your change. For example if your change is that you want to stop being critical of an acquaintance, you develop a plan. You decide that the way you will implement that change is first by cutting down your contact with this person. Your second step will be to notate how often you think of that person and your third step is to identify how often you are critical when you think about this person. By reducing contact you reduce contact with a trigger. As you identify how often you are critical you have identified a numerical reference that can be reduced.

Prioritize your changes
Work on your highest priority change first
Develop a plan to implement your change
Reduce as much as you can your expectations when a change can be implemented
Be willing to adjust your change implementation plan as you encounter facts which affect your ability to implement your change
Be willing to retire (stop) a change that you no longer think is necessary to implement
You can work on more than one change at a time. For example, some changes may be related or one change may require the completion of another change. Perhaps, completing one change may also resolve the need to complete other ones. Some changes are easier than others and may be completed while you are working on other changes.


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