How to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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 SIDS is an overwhelming tragedy to any family or home. I know, I’ve lived through it. Here are some ideas that may help keep your infant alive and well. Point one, put your baby on his back to sleep. This is actually fairly new advice. Medical opinion is unanimous about this.

 images2_Thumb.jpg Have your baby sleep in a crib next to you.

 It’s suggested to keep the infant in the parents bedroom for the first 6 months. Doctors agree, a firm mattress with a fitted sheet are necessary. No soft surfaces like water beds, sheepskins, sofa cushions or sleeping bags. Take away all fluffy blankets, pillows, soft toys, no bumper pads etc…

images9_Thumb.jpg  NO smoking around infant

Do not smoke during pregnancy and don’t allow others to smoke around your infant. This can cause infections in their breathing tubes.


Electronic Monitoring Device on Infant Breast fed babies seem to be at least risk because this is believed to add protection against infections that can cause SIDS in infants. Electronic monitoring devices can help the parents listen and hear an alarm go off should the baby stop breathing. These are recommended for babies who have greater risk of SIDS such as premature infants, or babies that are born into families where there have been cases of SIDS already.

pacifier03960631_Thumb.jpg Pacifer

Lastly, one more preventative measure is a baby pacifier, because these seem to be effective in reducing the risk of SIDS in infants Also using a circulating fan in their bedrooms can reduce the risk of SIDS 70%.


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