How to Score Big with your Super bowl Game Party

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First,we’re going to decorate. You may want to go to your local hardware store and purchase some artificial grass or turf and cut it in the shapes of tables coverings or place mats for fun!(Throw a piece on the floor in front of the HD TV for a real “feel like you’re at the game feeling). Also, find some trophies or miniature footballs and use them as centerpieces or decorations.

Step2 CAPEGCAAOIZY3CAYYG998CAZWAWU0CAPQS8KHCAVFood at your Superbowl party

Paper plates and napkins are a must! Food and Beverages are the binding for the big game! Most food can be prepared ahead of time, and put in a slow cooker or crockpot. Some quick ideas that are popular at parties are salsas and tortilla chips. Chili, chicken wings or meatballs. Have plenty of chilled drinks on hand. Use a few coolers with plenty of ice and variety of drinks. Gatorades, cokes, pepsi, mountain dew are a few ideas.


Did you know that when 8 out of 10 people were surveyed who watch the big Superbowl game find the quality of the TV picture more important than the food??? A huge high definition screen TV would add to the party experience and make you the hostess with the most-est!


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