ABC of Teaching

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As the teacher walked into his class space

Be spectacled and studious as is only right

Could one imagine now how to keep apace

Demanding due attention, and sapping the might

Enough of this chatter!  His booming voice came

Flouncing as he entered, with mouths all agape

Grabbing attention, he knew well his game

Held them all rapt, as he whipped off his cape

Inculcation said he, is the reason for this season

Just as for youth, the years are to learn

Kindy to Senior, yet to some ‘ seems like treason

Lost is the time as the years skip by, you yearn

Mighty is the word much more than the sword

Nigh is the time, for the fond backward glance

Only you can learn, but wisdom’s not to hoard

Plenty is the chance, for your learning to dance

Question one, said he, a twinkle in his eye

Reading is your set work, reading is for school

Schooling helps you get work, now complete the rhyme

Tantalise the reader, but always stay within the rule

Utilise your language now compose by new degree

Vindicate your reasoning, convince us why it’s so

Write then students write, compose your best decree

Xesturgy after first draft, refine till prose will glow                          

Youth will always create as creativity, sighs?                              

Zoetic as  they’ll be, and to be sure that flies.                              

January 18, 2008

Xesturgy           process of polishing

Zoetic               living; vital

I will instruct thee and teach thee

In the way thou shalt go: I will

Guide thee with mine eye.

(Psalm 32:8)


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