How to make the best fresh green beans

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1Put green beans  in strainer and wash. Place a wok on burner with a good amount of butter in over med heat (Can add water if you want).

2 Put on cutting board and cut off both ends.

3 Place in wok and start to sautee. Put desired amount of garlic in.

4 Add pepper and seasoned salt. If there are any other spices you might want throw them into the mix!

5 Continue to sautee, adding more butter as needed. Depending on how soft you want the green beans……test after 20 minutes. I usually cook them for 30 minutes. Enjoy! This is the one everyone wants to have me make at the get-to-gethers or when I make dinner for everyone.

6 Makes a great side and a great leftover if you are lucky enough to have any left!


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