How to Support Our New President, regardless of being Democrats or Republican or Independent

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Prayer in whatever fashionmag-glass_10x10.gif your beliefs allows

 America has voted. Not for an American Idol, but for the President of The United States. How can we make this transition process of change between Republicans and Democrats work in the best interest of all of us? Lets begin with an attitude of unity through prayer for our nation.

 Neither Democrat or Republican, Independent or Green

Unity is also an attitude of giving in, not giving up. Maybe you are disappointed with election results. You alone cannot change things now. But, we are able to support and decide as adults no matter what, we want the best for our country, we don’t have to be a specific party, we just need to be Americans United.


Praying for our new president

How we can achieve things that seem beyond our understanding is to accept that we are not in control of everything. God is. He alone puts Kings in, and Takes Kings out. He appoints and anoints. It is we who need to change, not God. He’s decided and deigned who should guide us for the next Four Years. We need to Pray for our new President. Pray for Wisdom for him in the decisions he makes. 

images8_Thumb.jpg Uniting our hands together.

 We can unite or divide. We don’t need any more division. Opinions yes, they are important, but let’s not let them be divisive. Can we not agree to disagree, put our pride behind us and trust that for over 200 years our nation has survived and thrived, because In God We Trust.

 Let’s remember the past mistakes, regain momentum and move on toward uniting our country and thank our past presidents for what they have contributed to our country, whether we understand or not. We want what is best for our children and our children’s children. We are moving forward, not backward,, Thank God He is in Control. God Bless the USA and take care of our former Presidents.


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