Colic Remedies

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Nobody really knows why some babies have colic. A baby who cries more than 3 hours a day for no apparent reason is labeled as colic. There are steps you can take to ease sleepless nights for you and your baby.

First, be sure that your child does not have a milk intolerance. You can do this with or without an allergy test. If you would like to do this while breast feeding without an allergy test, eliminate dairy completely from your diet for a full ten days. If you notice a difference, dairy is the cause of your baby’s fussiness. If you are bottle feeding, switch to a non milk or soy based formula.  However, 50% of babies who have a milk intolerance will also have an intolerance to soy. If symptoms to not improve, switch to a hypo allergenic baby formula .

Visit your local store and purchase Gripe Water or Colic Calm. Sometimes a dropper full two times a day will help a baby release gas. These are all natural remedies that should help.

Hold and talk to your baby as much as possible during this trying time. Infant massage is also very helpful in aiding a baby’s digestive systemmag-glass_10x10.gif .

Be sure to get plenty of sleep. It is difficult to tend to a crying baby. Ask a friend to help during the day and catch up on much needed rest but continue to breast feed if possible. l After three colic babies I found that quitting breast feeding and switching to formula actually made the colic worse. My children were gassy and constipated on formula.  Whatever you decide, rest assured that  colic usually ends in the fourth month.

***Be sure to consult a doctor before admistrating remidies and/or herbs to your infant.****


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