Tips for Better Nature and Wildlife Photography

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Know the behavior of the animal of the animal you are photographing know how they react to people being around them. You will have a much better chance of getting a good photograph if the animal is okay with you being around it otherwise if they are nervous they might go away leaving you empty handed.


Work your way up to the animal something you will need to take small approaches to get closer to the animal and make it feel more comfortable being around you. It’s like people once you know the person is safe to be around you are more likely to trust them being around you. One way to build the animal’s trust and comfort is to let it know that you are not going to harm it; you can do this but harassing the animal and leaving it fearful of you.


If you have to let the animals come to you don’t send hours hunting them not let them come to you although, this might take some time it usually pays out and you will get a better photo.

If the bird is flying try to have it so the bird is facing you and also if you can have it so they are flying into the wind because when they go to land they will spread out their wings which are an essential part of bird photography.


Try to get a photo of the animal doing something interesting if you take a picture of big horned sheep fighting with each other it will be a whole lot more interesting than a photo of them lying down.


Know how the animal’s activity throughout the day and you might get a photo of them doing something interesting.


When taking photos of animals you will usually have to use a big lense because animals are typically shy and don’t like people being near them so you might have to work your way up to them but while you are located father away from them a big lense is better to zoom in n them from far away plus, this is important in bird photography sense birds are typically located around or in threes and you will need a big lense in order to see the top of the tree.


Don’t be afraid to get wet some bird typically water birds are located around you guessed it, water so this means that you might have to stand in the water in order to get closer to the subject.


With these tips your photos should become a lot better.

Article by- Garrett Chinn


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