Detox Diet

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You’ll Need:

  • Tread mill or outside area to walk/run
  • Fiber shake powder mix- This will detox your body
  • Detox tea (health food store)
  • Milk or juice

Detox your body. Mix your fiber shake with milk or juice, water, and ice and blend. You should have a frothy drink. Drink this for breakfast and a snack after dinner. The fiber shake will satisfy your hunger , and detox your body by eliminating waste (don’t worry, it won’t cause cramping and long, frequent bathroom trips). It will also give you more energy.

Drink you detox tea two (2) times a day. This will eliminate toxins as well. Most people have nine-fourteen (9-14) pounds of excess waste in their body’ s. Detoxing will remove this waste and digestion and metabolism speed will increase as a result.

Start working out on a tread mill or at a park by walking/runing 1.5 miles/day. It is best to start slow, sprint for one (1) minute walk for three (3) minutes. Do this ever other day to give your muscles a chance to rest.

If you eat sensible meals , drink at least eight glasses of water daily, and do the above regimen for two weeks, you should have no trouble dropping five pounds.


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