Acai Berry Scam

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Any Acai promotion that offers a free trial is a scam. This article will direct you to the purest, most beneficial Acai Berry on the market. I do not sell Acai Berry supplement, nor am I affiliated with any company.

Do an Internet search on Acai Berry, and you will most likely find pages of web sites offering you free Acai Berry for a trial period. What you do not know is that these companies will sell you a placebo, and charge your credit card $80 + shipping. When you try to cancel, they will deny you, or not answer your inquiry. You will have to cancel your credit card. DO NOT SIGN UP OR TRY ANY ACAI THAT OFFERS A FREE TRIAL.

Now that we have moved passed the scam warning, I have found that the purest form of Acai Berry is made by Amazon Thunder. I bought mine on (not affiliated with myself or the company). My shipment arrived in a record two business days without a shipping cost to me. You can access the Amazon Thunder company site, but I found it much cheaper on

Always check that whatever type of Acai you buy is Organic and USDA certified (as is Amazon Thunder). Amazon Thunder is 100% Acai in capsule form and in pulp puree. I like the capsule form, but I also like to make smoothies form my young children with the puree. I bought both. The puree and capsules each last one month, and I paid about $55 for both on

If you decide on the capsule form, rest assured that Amazon Thunder is 100% freeze dried to preserved the quality of the berry, and all purchases benefit the Amazon rainforest and community. I have tested several Acai Berry supplements, and this is by far the mosteffective Acai supplement on the market.


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