Book Review- Rich Dad Poor Dad

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This book is  a great read, and very practical for learning how to control the cash flow in your life. The book isn’t rocket science but it sets out the simply but important rules of how to control your savings, your income and your expenditures. The book is written as a narrative, most of the time, of the authors own childhood and learning experiences. This in itself makes the book quite an interesting read, but the book gives valuable lessons in very easy to understand language. “Rich Dad Poor Dad’ even provides diagrams of the basic ideas in the book to aide with understanding. Lastly the book also talks about how to make your money work for you, and not make you work for your money, and the banks.

I found after reading this book that I had some new ideas on how to look at my financial situation, I found the book to be an interesting read and very practical and useful. I’d suggest that it is something we give to our children to read when they start getting interested in money. I wished I had read it earlier in my life.


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