Disposable Americans

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laid-off.jpgthumbnailcawbxd38.thumbnail.jpgIn this country of convenience and instant gratification, we have just about everything AND we have it quickly and easily. We have power at our fingertips with the Internet and most things are easy come easy go. We can throw away our dishes and disposable diapers and cameras. The things that were free now come with a price tag. We now pay for water to drink and good TV. isn’t available without a cable payment. We have fought the good fight for so many things in this country. We value our freedom and the rights we have just because we are Americans and we were born here. We are now finding out that it is not the advantage that it used to be. People in other countries are coming here taking advantage of every loop hole and free meal on the backs of the taxpayers that is YOU & ME. That is if you’re lucky enough to still be employed. In this age of the new millennium so many things are still in the dark ages. There is still much predjudice and discrimination of all types. Of course this is illeagal BUT you know that people have lost their jobs for all sorts of illeagal reasons, race, age,gender,color and everything in between.
Just as poker is just like life, it is no different here. What club is not going to prefer a beautiful young girl who can do the job and doubles as eye candy, over an old man with over 3 decades of experience. The answer is: not too many. The truth is we are all disposable Americans. Now what is the country to do with this discarded group of people whose population is growing day by day. The other question is “What will these people be doing to/for our world?”


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