Spam Viruses forced 850,000 Americans to Buy New Computers

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It’s amazing how many viruses are in cyberspace, and how easy it is to get one.  They can arrive in an e-card, or even a joke.  Some malicious e-mails arrive with attachments saying “Airline Ticket Confirmation”.    But the one that said “We have hijacked your baby” really had some people scared.  They even attached a photo of your child and as soon as you clicked on it, you were infected.  They also demanded $50,000.00.  A lot of people called their child’s school to check on them.  The virus was designed to steal the user’s passwords and get access to their online bank accounts.  Most people who do this kind of thing are identity thieves.

According to Sophos, a computer security firm, one in every 416  e-mails sent out between July and September contained a virus.

For Mac computer useres, opening one of these e-mails may do nothing more than slow down their computer.  But it can be real trouble for PC users.

We have to think before we click.  No matter how enticing or curious the email sounds.  Instead, just delete the darn thing WITHOUT opening it.  You can also forward it  to, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.


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