Caviar appetizer

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Caviar appetizer is something new in the cooking recipes. This recipe is a little bit strange but the appetizer is very tasty.

The recipe serves 4. It takes about an hour for preparing it.It is lot of work but in the end you will be happy with your creation. It is for special cases and you can surprise your guests with this new recipe during your dinner party.


50 gr caviar

200 gr carrots

250 gr potatoes

200 gr green pepper

150 gr peas

2 lemons

50 gr gelatin

200 gr vegetable stock


Salt to taste

Olive oil

Method of preparation:

Wash and peel the potatoes. Wash the carrots. Cut the potatoes and the carrots into small pieces and place them into a sauce pan with water. Boil them. Make a pure later. Meanwhile bake the pepper and shell it. With a mixer make a green pepper pure. Stew the peas into water and oil and with the mixer make peas pure. Mix all the pures.

In a plate place with a table spoon the pure in some heaps and place between them slices of lemon on which the caviar is put. Decorate with parsley and at the end pour the gelatin which is mixed with the vegetable stock. Enjoy this delicious appetizer!


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