UK House Prices Are Falling. But What’s Your House Worth?

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Do you think you know what your house is worth? Reckon somebody else could predict it? Want to know what is happening to UK house prices ? Want to know what your boss paid to buy his house?

New website could be the thing for you. Set up by the same founders as home DVD rental service LoveFilm, the site claims credit as the UK’s first community property website.

The Zoopla website pulls together information from various sources – historical sold house prices from the Land Registry, property attributes in your area, addresses from the Royal Mail and others – then a proprietary algorithm (secret formula) calculates how much your house or flat is worth right now.

It goes down well with property addicts everywhere, due to the fact Zoopla provides free online house value estimates for every home in the UK – all 27 million of them. Zoopla claim now to be a top 10 UK property website, and the fastest growing on top of that.

Unlike other property search engine sites, Zoopla lists details of all the properties in the UK rather than just those on the market. That means it appeals to property owners, not just buyers. As well as checking out what the place you own is worth, users can also set a TemptMe! Price which is the price they would consider selling for. This allows you to test the market without the expense and hassle of listing your house for sale.

For my house – a terrace in south London – Zoopla’s house price estimate seemed pretty accurate – test it out for yourself and see what you think at


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