Fish appetizer

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This strange fish appetizer is very delicious, serves 4 and the time for preparation is about an hour. I know this recipe from one of my friends who prepares it very often and everybody enjoys it every time we are guests to her. Try it!Hopefully you will like ti,too.


500 gr fish fillet

300 gr rice

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder

3 carrots

2 sour gherkins

100 gr mushrooms (from a can)

2 hard boiled eggs

50 gr small fish from a can


Leaves of lettuce

1 mayonnaise (about 100 gr)

1 Lemon juice

1 lemon slices

Method of preparation:

In a sauce pan with water put the fish fillets, the salt and the black pepper powder,

the carrots chopped into small pieces. Cook until the fish and carrots are ready. Cool them.

Meanwhile cut the mushrooms, the hard boiled eggs into cubes and the sour gherkins into stripes. In a sauce pan cook the rice. Cut the fish into small pieces. In a big bowl mix the fish, the mushrooms, the eggs and the rice. Stir well. Add the mayonnaise and the lemon juice and stir again. In a plate put the leaves of lettuce and place the fish mixture. Decorate with the small fish, the lemon slices and the parsley.

The recipe is suitable for rakia and vodka drinking but it could be also very good for wine. Enjoy it!


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