Stitch a Funky Felt Amulet or Crystal Bag

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You might not find a funky amulet or crystal bag at your local mall.  These small bags are designed to be worn around the neck and hold a special crystal or amulet.  They are very popular among occultists, hippies, and people interested in alternative healing and lifestyles.  With these simple instructions, you can stitch a funky felt amulet bag to hold your crystals and charms.

Materials Needed for the Amulet Bag

  1. Scraps of colorful felt fabric
  2. A long cord or yarn
  3. Embroidery floss and a needle
  4. One large button or bead
  5. Fringe, beads, or other trims

Decorating the Amulet or Crystal Bag

The first step in creating the funky amulet or crystal bag is cutting out the pieces of felt fabric and decorating them.  Most amulet bags are less than two inches wide or long, and often much smaller.  Cut out two pieces of matching felt in your desired size.  Be sure to leave room for stitching the pieces together.

After you cut out the pieces, you have to decorate the bag.  This can be done by embroidering a design or picture onto the bag sides.  You can also cut out shapes in other felt colors and stitch them onto the bag in an appliqué.

Finishing the Amulet or Crystal Bag

After the amulet or crystal bag is decorated how you want it to be, you have to sew the whole thing together.  First, cut the cord or yarn to the length you want the strap to be.  Usually, this would be long enough to wear around the neck so that the amulet bag hangs to the middle of your chest.

Lay the pieces of felt below and above the bottom loop of the cord.  Then, using the embroidery floss and your needle, sew the pieces together.  Make sure to catch the strap or cord into the stitch each time.  The end result will be that the hanging cord will be stitched securely into the inside edge of the bag.  This will be sure to keep your amulet or crystal safe.

The last step in making the amulet bag is creating the closure for the bag.  Using a small piece of felt, create a flap or strap that goes over the top opening of the bag.  On the back side of the amulet bag, stitch this flap to the other felt fabric.  On the front side of the bag, stitch the button or bead.  Make a hole in the felt flap that fits around the button, and sew around the edges with embroidery floss to prevent tearing.

These funky bags can be made in any color or style to suit your personal taste.  If you wish to carry a specially charged crystal or amulet around with you at all times, a funky felt amulet bag is the way to go.


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