FIFA World Cup History and winners – part I

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Well, most of you probably have watched Italy beating France in the 2006 World Cup final. But do you know that the FIFA World Cup as we know it have been here since 1930? Yes,  the first tournament was staged in tiny Souht American country of Uruguay in that year.

The FIFA World Cup history starts actually as early as 1920-s when Jules Rimes proposed the idea of worldwide international competition. Uruguay has become the first host country and were also the first Wolrd Cup champions. 13 teams participated and it was a huge success, with the hosts being not only to cover all the participant’s expenses, but also had a nice profit. Since then the tournament had attracted more and more countries – and is currently recognized as one of the most prestigious events in world sport – probably second only to the Olympic Games. 

Below is a list of World Cup champions:

1930 Uruguay

1934 Italy

1938 Italy

1942 the tournament not held because of World War II.

1946 the tournament not held because of World War II

1950 Uruguay

1954 Germany

1958 Brazil

1962 Brazil

1966 England

1970 Brazil

1974 Germany

1978 Argentina

1982 Italy

1986 Argentina

1990 Germany

1994 Brazil

1998 France

2002 Brazil

2006 Italy

So the summary is as follows:

Brazil – 5 titles, Italy – 4 titles, Germany – 3 titles, Argentina, Uruguay – 2 titles, England, France -1 title.


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