Do We Speak Clearly to Our Children?

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Do we say?

Based on the fact that you are no longer an infant and you are not yet an adult. Please refrain from offending any other member of our household, and I must inform you that using that tone in any other conversation with me will result in me asking you to retire to your residence up the stairs and this will take place at exactly 3.15pm.

Knowing, of course, that you will not be entertaining guests for a period of seven consecutive days. There you should also endeavor, within this time period, to do any domestic chores in your residence to make it as socially acceptable as possible, It is very important that it is possible to see at least some of your carpet. With kind regards your loving mother.


Look your 10 now, don’t hit your sister and if you speak to me like that again mate you’ll go to bed straight after school where you can clean your room til I can see your carpet, you’ll be grounded for a week so don’t invite your mates round, ok son!

Yes, I think on reflection that what we say is clear enough, and straight to the point. So I don’t see why they don’t get it.


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