Positive punishment and why it can be justified

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I do believe that the use of positive punishment can be justified when raising children.  For example, if a child is continually trying to put their fingers in electrical outlets or trying to go play in the street, then I believe that positive punishment is perfectly acceptable because they need to learn not to do those things without learning that doing them can really do harm to them.  In the grand scheme of the world, it is much better in the long run to give the child a swat than it would be to simply let them get electrocuted or hit by a car.  In a situation where a spanking may save the life of the child, then I do believe that it should be done.  The same goes with physically restraining a child.  If it will prevent them from injuring themselves or someone else then I believe that restraining the child is the better option.  The last thing that any parent wants is to let their child seriously injure themselves because the parent wasn’t restraining the child when it was necessary, or if you have an older child with mental health problems and younger babies at home, then it is better for the safety of all the children for the older one to be restrained if it comes down to that because it can prevent injury to the child who needs to be restrained and the children or babies that may be around and get hurt if the child isn’t restrained.


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