Positive reinforcement and it’s uses

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Positive reinforcement can be used in many ways and many different situations.  In any type of relationship that exists on e can use positive reinforcement to their benefit.  Two of the more common relationships that this is used in are pet training and raising children.  Many people, including myself, have used positive reinforcement as a way to train their pets.  I have successfully taught my dogs several things in this fashion including how to sit and lay down.  I did this by first of all physically positioning the dog to show them what I wanted them to do and saying the command as I did it.  Then I would give the dog a treat.  I repeated this process until the dog began to do the trick on their own.
I have also used this method in achieving desired behavior in my children.  I have an eight year old son who has bi-polar disorder along with ADHD.  This can be a very effective strategy in keeping his behavior in track as long as the reward is something that he deems worthwhile, the reward changes often enough to keep his interest, and the reward comes often enough.  I find that giving him a specific set of requirements to fulfill in a week such as doi8ng his homework without arguing, not getting in trouble at school, taking a bath without arguing every night, brushing his teeth every morning and night, and going to bed when he is told is where to start.  Make sure he knows what to expect.  Then at the end of the week, as long as a certain percentage of the tasks are done, he gets his reward.  When I started doing this with him, the percentage required was only about fifty, that slowly increased over time and is how at about 100%.  He has responded really well to this strategy and when friends of mine are having a lot of problems with their children’s behavior, this is often one of the first things that I recommend to them.  One of the problems that seems to be encountered most often, however, is that parents get too lenient or give up before giving it a chance to work.
There are a variety of different situations in which one can use positive reinforcement.  Obviously raising children and training dogs are not the same, but sometimes when the same type of idea is applied to different circumstances the end product can still be similar.


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