The World In My Garden

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Come with me on a trip, not very far away.
It’s a place, for a while I’m sure you would stay.
I could never find this place boring.
It’s the world in my back garden.

It’s one of my very favorite places to be.
If you took a walk in the garden you’d see.
It’s my little piece of heaven, very little known.
A place to stroll when you want to be alone.

Can you understand this peace and tranquility?
When the children are out at their grandparents for tea.
I sit and watch Gods beautiful creation.
As I watch who lands on my bird table.

You know that summer has come, look what a display.
I could just sit here and watch any time of the day.
The flowers in there have there own little story,
A present from nana and granddad or a day in the country.

Look at this rose so beautiful and delicate,
Its pretty pink petals so soft and so intricate.
It will be dead in a few weeks but its use is not lost.
Because it will make rich compost.

The tulips and daffodils don’t care who is there.
They just bring smiles and joy year after year.
And look over there at that lovely sun flower.
It stands so tall and proud, over the rest it towers.

It’s a place I can sit in the warm summer air.
And have my friends over for a chat and to share.
Just as night falls and the moon comes into sight.
A hedgehog comes to visit us in the moon light.

Every season is different; you could call it a blessing.
Even in the winter when the trees have no dressing.
You can imagine its then that they’re sleeping,
Ready to wake in the spring, when the buds will start creeping


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