Tips for Keeping Warm in Frigid Temperatures

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There are times when you have to go outside in cold weather because it is not possible to put your life on hold due to the bad weather. Yes, there are sometimes school closings and other closings due to inclement weather but for the most part we have to go about our daily routines and schedules. So if the temperatures are frigid here are a few tips that will help you stay warm and toasty.

·       Safeguard your face. When you have to go outside in subzero weather cover your face completely. This can be done with a skull cap or a scarf. By all means don’t leave your face exposed to the cold.

·       Conceal your whole body from the cold frigid weather. Make sure that every part of you is completely covered with hat, gloves, scarf, coat, socks, and weather shoes. Don’t expose any skin because it only takes ten minutes to get frostbitten.

·       Be dressed in enough clothing. Layer your clothing to make sure that you are warm. Layering gives you the option of having on enough clothing as well as to be able to take a layer off when the need arises.

·       Cover your legs. There are a lot of veins in legs which means that they can get cold quickly and make the rest of your body cold. So wear a long coat or if you opt to wear a jacket wear long boots, leg warmers, and long johns. Just cover those legs.

·       Get into weather shoes or boots. They come in many styles and colors as well as will keep your feet warm and dry.

·       Slip on socks. Always dress your feet in socks in sub zero weather to help keep feet warm and toasty.

·       Wear long johns. They will give you an extra layer of warmth.

·       Wear heavier materials. Cashmere, flannels, insulated clothing wool and clothing made of other heavy materials work in this type of weather to keep your body warn,.

In closing you can stay warm during sub zero weather if you follow our tips indicated above.


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