A Buying Guide For Top Quality Faux Chanel, Louis, Juicy Handbags and Purses

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Bargain hunting is so much fun and what girl doesn’t love to go shopping? The problem is that the most fun items to shop for are coture and are way out of most peoples’ price range. Just because you can’t afford a purse straight off the runway doesn’t mean you can’t have it! Let’s shop for top quality faux Chanel, Juicy and Louis purses and handbags!

Maybe some people would disagree with me but I find the elite, too-good-for-you fashionistas and designers repulsive. How arrogant you must be to charge thousands of dollars for something that can be made…even with the cream of the crop materials…for a couple of hundred max. Then the crowd that follows them and (ugh) worships them are another story…pure self-absorption and arrogance. Sure, the fashion and purses and shoes are gorgeous…but worth the price tag, um, NO.

If you want the look of a real designer but don’t care about the ego that goes with it, then you would benefit from a nice faux bag. There are many websites, mostly out of China, that offer TOP QUALITY designer imposter handbags and purses. You can look at it from a high brow point of view but before you do, consider a few things. Those designers are so rich they couldn’t care less if you buy their purse or not. The Chinese people you will be buying from are working for pennies and it’s the only work they can find. Who would you rather help out with your business? So, unless you are a serious handbag collector or completely self absorbed then why would you rather put your money into a bazillionaires pockets when you can get something that looks just like couture while helping people who really need the money and saving yourself some money for things that really matter?

Some of the websites I have ordered from are listed below. Keep in mind that I have taken my faux bag into retail boutiques and the sales girls had no idea it wasn’t real. These are top quality replicas. Not only are they dead on but they are also made from great materials and constructed with quality and care. I’ll never waste my money on the real thing again!

www.ioffer.com (one of my favorites, also sell authentic)

www.dhgate.com (one of my favorites, also sell authentic)

www.famemarket.com (never ordered here)

www.ebrandedhandbag.com (didn’t like these so much)

www.janesdeals.com (never ordered here)

www.cn-wholesale.cn (one of my favorites)

www.wholesale-designer.com (never ordered here)

www.fashion-total.com (one of my favorites)


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