Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first game of the “Ace Attorney” series. All the games in the series have one goal, defend your client and try to find the real culprit. But, if the games are practically all the same, why should you buy them?

You play as Phoenix Wright, a defense rookie attorney. As Phoenix Wright, you’ve to proof your client innocent, no matter what the circumstances are. To proof your client innocent, you’ve to gather evidence and use them. Phoenix Wright is an simple point and click adventure game. There are two types of gameplay, the investigation, where you talk with witnesses and gather evidence, and the trial, where you have to proof your client innocent with the evidence you found in the investigation. There are 5 cases, where some of them are easy and some of them will take you hours and hours before you finally finished it.

In the investigation, you have to go to different places, from a TV studio till the murder scene. You have to talk with witnesses and show them your evidence to get a clue and use this clue to find other evidence and use that evidence to talk with witnesses who doesn’t want to talk to you (mostly because they have a secret.)

You also have to examine places, like the ground, the bin, in order to find the evidence you need. When you have enough evidence, you go to the other type of gameplay, the trial.

In the trial, you listen to the (false) testimony of the witnesses, who most likely says that your client is the culprit. After that, you can cross-examinate the witness. Sometimes, they have an obvious lie what contradicts your evidence. (Like the witness said the victim was shot, while the autopsy report said the victim was stabbed). If you found a lie that contradicts the evidence, you can scream OBJECTION! to the mic, or you can simply click it on the touch screen. But remember, screaming a false objection can result in a penalty. If you have got to much penalties, your client is found guilty and it’s game over.

If you don’t find any obvious lies, you can press them to get more information or to squeeze a lie out of them. If that doesn’t help, try to re-read the testimony carefully, think outside the box and go through all your evidence carefully. Remember, some lies aren’t as obvious as they look like!

The story and the characters are just amazing. Everybody has their one unique character. I don’t want to spoil you, so play it and see yourself. The story-lines are also amazing. They’re packed with plot twists where you’ll think: What the * or Holy sh*T!

The graphics and the sound are also nice. The game is original from the GBA, so the sound is a bit 8/16-bish. The sound does fit by the situation. Every witness has their personal theme, and every moment in the trial also have their own theme. Like the cross-examination, or when you found a lie in the testimony. The graphics are anime-stylish, what is quite nice.

The replay value is quite dissappointing. Since this game is completly linear, there is little to no reason to play a case again, since you know what happened or what will happen.

I give this game a 9/10, since everything but the replay value is very nice. It is isn’t an expensive game and it can keep you pl;aying for hours and hours, so if you see one, just buy it.


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