Look Up At The Sky

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Every time I look out my window

I see the moon, it makes me smile when I see

Because I know that it’s the very same moon you look at.

I can’t help but stare

I know that somewhere you’re staring at it to.

I hope that when you look up into the sky

You’ll think of me,

And dream of all the things we could be. 

Those eyes of yours that sparkle in the light,

I know you’d dream of me every night. 

Distance plays a big part in our relationship,

But know this, every star you see in the sky,

Is the same star I see,

Every cloud you once saw,

Eventually reached its way to me. 

You once said miles of ocean separate us,

But I see no ocean, 

I see the same thing you see in the dead of night. 

Which brings me closer to you. 


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