reasons Why We Should Get Enough Sleep…

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Many researches show that the if a person is deprived from sleep, it causes some mental disturbances, visions and hallucinations. For an adult, 8-9 hours of sleep is required but then at modern times, people get to sleep 7 hours or less. A slight dprivation of night’s sleep can directy affect our health wherein many studies had been conducted which reveals that those who slept 7 hours or less had increased certain chemicals in the blood associated with heart diseases and diabetes. I have read about this is an article.

This can cause emotional disturbances to the people — can also lead to aggressiveness, apathy; result in fluctuations between euphoria and depression and vice versa. A lot more consequences could as well observed.

On the other hand, my sister, which happens to be a medical student, told me about the relationship of the number of hours of your sleep and your body mass index. The less you sleep you get, the higher your body mass index tends to be… Your body mass index is your total body composition and a research showed that people who sleep 5 hours at night were found to have 15% ghrelin — a hormone which boosts hunger and they also have 15% less leptin (which suppresses hunger) than those sleeping 8 hours.

This is quite unexpected on my part because I thought that not getting enough hours of sleep would cause you thinner but it came out to be the other way around. Instead, it will only make you feel more hungry. Now, this explains why I always feel hungry everytime I do not get enough sleep because of my projects! thanks to my sister!


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