How to clean up mercury

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I recently broke a mercury thermometre in my bedroom on my bed and after frantically searching the web found out some basics about safe clean up of such material. First don’t touch it! Dont use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up, that will help spread it into the air, mercury is a poison and we need to keep it off our hands and out of our lungs as much as possible.

Clothes or bedsheets that directly come in contact with the substance need to be thrown away, if you try to wash them in your washing machine you are only going to spread the mercury to your washing machine! For cleaning up the substance its best to try something adheasive like sticky tape. When you throw it away make sure you consult your local waste disposal organisation for how to safely dispose of the substance. Lastly you need to allow the room that the substance was spilt in to be aired out for at least 24 hours. Mercury starts to evaporate and contaminate the air around us at zero degrees plus, so at room temperature it is already entering the air.


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