Take Five

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5 “easy-to-do” stuffs for those lethargic kind of people. Form these habits in school stay healthy and even get sexy!

1. BRING HOMEMADE SNACKS AND PACKED LUNCHES IN SCHOOL. You are assured that your food is clean, safe and just the way you want it because it’s with your mom’s personal touch and love. Plus! you can keep a few bucks for those extra expenses in school, you can also help your mom from budgeting.

2. AVOID THE ELEVATORS AND “YES” TO STAIRS. Take the challenge and use your lower extremities rather than just getting them atrophied because of minimal exercise. START it NOW!

3. WAIT IN LINE FOR THE BUS. “Patience has always been a virtue” studies showed that standing for 5 minutes or more could burn those unwanted baby fats as what you call them.

4. WALK. Try exploring the places around your school, walking is another form od simple exercise which we normally do for ther rest of our lives. NO SHORTCUTS please! Don’t forget to bring your umbrellas to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun and maintain that flawless skin.

5. DRINK ALOT OF H2O AND CHILL. Always get rehydrated and avoid dehydration. After all, we are required to drink at least 8 glasses of  H2O per day. The more water we drink and take in the lesser chances of getting sick or catching cold. To save money, bring your own water.

Looking good while feeling great, is it that difficult? I THINK NOT! Go on! take on these steps and have a healthy, sexy and successful life.


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