Niche Market or Market Niche?

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Sometime it is difficult to find your niche market , it may be more beneficial and smart to use what available resources to find your niche. Market size is not your target but rather on your place in the market . You should focus on considering larger market segments that offers more flexibility, variety and higher profit potential. Find a market that you are especially knowledgeable and interested about. The thing is, you will not be alone because there are many others in the marketplace that have similar interest to yours and are searching for products and services related to that interest.

Where to start?
Even large and established blogs cannot service every visitors or followers. Find out where your business can fit in to a larger blogosphere where there are more opportunity for growth and profit. Your visitors and followers are your customers so take good care of them.

Search for who are your competitors through search and social networking and then find out what are the ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Do your niche marketing the right way. Ask yourself a question; Am I providing my customer the best products and services that they are entitle to? Are my customer getting the special treatment that other competitor aren’t giving? If your answer is YES then you are providing your customer with exceptional customer experience! That will differentiate you from your larger and more established competitors.

When you get yourself competing against blogs that are more established, you will grow smarter, stronger, better or you don’t survive. Do you know about the small bait fish that swim with the whale sharks many times their size? Well, they have the whole oceans at their disposal. Try to relate this to what I’ve talked about.

My question to you is;

Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond or a small fish in a big pond?


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