Australia, Adelaide Introduction

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Adelaide is the fourth biggest city in Australia with a population of around 1 million people. The city is locate in the state of South Australia in the middle south of Australia, on the coast. The city is mildly cool in winter, 12-18 degrees, a really hot in Summer with temperatures around 30 to 40 degrees. The city has a very well set out city centre, due to the fact that it was planned by one man around the time the city was founded, and the roads are almost never congested due to the fact that the city is very spread out.

In Adelaide you can visit Kangaroo Island where all sorts of wildlife can be found in their natural habitat, also you can drive around the hills that surround the city and visit the many wineries there. Lastly there are plenty of beautiful beaches that you can visit. As a place for foreign students its a good choice, being cheaper than Melbourne and Sydney but still having three good universities to choose from. These being the University of South Australia, Flinders University and lastly Adelaide University. Adelaide University boasting Australia’s only astronaught as one of its past students and is also one of the top ten universities in Australia.

If you are interested in shopping during your stay you can try the main shopping strip, a pedestrian strip called Rundle Mall, with the cities main street of bars not far away, Hindley Street. Lastly Adelaide’s China town, it is only one street, is also within walking distance. In fact the whole city business district can be crossed at an easy walk in under 40 minutes, but you don’t even need to walk as there are free buses that can take you around the city. The city centre is also surrounded by a large parkland and there is even a river, the river Torrens, that runs through part of this parklands, the river is home to ducks and black swans, and you can also take boat rides on the river. Lastly Adelaide is known as the city of churches and there are quite a few European style chruches around that you can visit.


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