Stay In Shape easy?!?

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Okay. it’s not recommended it but here’s a something you can follow if you want to lose weight. I think just try your best and never give up!

Cycle — indoors or out. At 13 mph, you could burn 600 calories an hour.

Jump rope. This is an excellent form of cardio that you can do anywhere. It will burn calories and tone your quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Power walk. You can do it anywhere, and at 4 mph, you’ll be burning at least 250 calories an hour.

Run indoors or out. All you need are good running shoes. And at 5 mph, you’ll burn over 400 calories an hour.

Get on the stair stepper. You’ll burn calories and tone your hamstrings, glutes, and calves at the same time.

Play your favorite sports. It’s a whole lot more fun than sweating it out by yourself. And you will often be toning your whole body while burning calories.

De-stress with kickboxing! It’s more fun than regular aerobics, and it’s a great workout. I recommend doing it for at least 45 minutes.


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