How To Set Goals Effectively

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It is important for everyone to have goals.  Without goals, it is difficult to make us stay focus and motivated. If you do not have one right now, I suggest that you start to make a list of your goal.

In writing your goals, here are some general principles to be followed:

1.      Goals have always to be stated in positive words. 

Do not put your goal in negative words for example my goal is not to fail.  If we have a goal like that, all we think is failing.  For example if anyone is asked no to think about a zebra, the first comes up in the mind is zebra.  It is why that goal has to be stated in positive words.  In addition, positive words will affect our emotion positively.

2.      Goals have to be well-defined.

You also have to have a clear and well-defined goal.  An example of not a well defined goal is I want to wake up early tomorrow.  This goal can create confusion to our mind.  We need to be more specific such as what time is early.  A more well-defined would be I want to wake up at five in the morning tomorrow.

3.      Goals have to be written.

It is important to write your goals and to review them as often as possible.  By writing our goals, we put our dream to our mind clearly.  Research shows that people who have written goals tends to be more success in the future than the people do not have written goals.


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