Diet and the Vitamin C Supplement

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For centuries, the lack of vitamin C caused serious illnesses such as scurvy and loss of bone density. Scurvy and other diseases caused by too little vitamin C were especially prevalent on sailors who had no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. But, with today’s bounty of fresh produce available, few people in the Western world suffer from scurvy. But, there are those who don’t get enough vitamin C because of a poor diet that can easily be remedied.

Vitamin C supplements are a huge industry, both online and in the brick and mortar world. People spend millions a year trying to get enough vitamin C into their diets. The problem is that most of that is unnecessary. Vitamin C is plentiful and it isn’t hard to find in everyday foods. Fruit and vegetable juices usually have enough vitamin C in one glass to meet the day’s requirements.

And if you don’t drink juice, you can simply eat a few fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C. These aren’t just citrus fruits- broccoli and several other green vegetables also have plenty of vitamin C.

Taking a vitamin C supplement can actually be harmful if you already get enough of the vitamin in your diet. Too much vitamin C can result in acidic urine that can cause problems in the urinary tract. If you do lack vitamin C in your diet, try adding one extra piece of fruit each day to your diet. Your immune system, skin, teeth, gums and heart will thank you.


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