Do You Really Want to Work at Home?

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Everyone imagines working at home- walking across the room to get to work instead of driving across town. Without a boss to deal with and annoying co-workers reading over your shoulder, it’ll be great, right? Not really.

Working at home is often nothing like people imagine it to be. Not only do you have to do many tasks yourself, particularly if you own the business, but almost no one you know will take you seriously. People will drop in, ask you to babysit and call in the middle of the day just to chat. When you tell them you have to work, they seem a little confused before deciding to humor you.

When you work at home, you are faced with distractions that don’t exist in the workplace. The housework actually looks pretty inviting when you’re stuck with a looming deadline. There is also the call of snacks and errand breaks that take you away from your work. You may have imagined a higher level of productivity, but when you work at home, productivity can take a serious dive.

If you own your own business that you’re running from home, at first it feels great to not have a boss. But, gradually you realize that you do have a boss. You actually have many bosses- your customers and clients are the difference between eating and starving. They are your bosses and they can be a much bigger pain than your workplace boss ever was.

You may also believe that running your own business is great work experience. Since you are doing so many tasks, including accounting, bookkeeping, inventory and IT, that will look great on a resume someday. Wrong. Employers look at your time as a business owner as a resume gap. Seriously. They don’t take any business seriously that you yourself own.

If you really want to work at home, can hack the yelling bosses, hardware expenses, distractions and scoffs- go for it. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.


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