How Can You Get More Pay Raise and Promotion More Often? (Tips for Employees)

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Have you ever wondered why would one person be paid $1000 in a month another be paid $2000 in a month? Sometimes even with the same educational background, the same work experience and even work in the same company, one is paid more than another.  Some people think some people do much better because of they have more time.  However, we all only have 24 hours and we cannot have more time.  The answer to the question is value.  Once cannot create more time but can be more valuable.

As an employee, if you want to get a better pay, you need to:

1.      Create Added Value

The first and the most fundamental value that all of us have to have is dependable.  An employer would likely to promote or to give more responsibility or to make partnership to someone dependable. 

The second added value is to be more productive than what we receive.  If we get paid 100, then we have to give more than 100.  If we are five times more productive than average employees, then employer will be willing to pay us three times than average employees.

The third added value is to take initiative to solve problem.  Instead of trying to put the blame to someone else or to make an excuse or to justify our mistakes, we should take the initiative to fix it.

The fourth added value is to behave nice.

2.      Consistently

We need to have the added value consistently.  We should not just have it in the first time and disappear.

3.      Communicate Your Added Value to the Right Person

We need to communicate your added value/your achievement to the right person (most likely is your own boss).  If your Added Value/Achievement is acknowledge by someone else, all you got is praise not pay raise or promotion.  We might also want to have other boss from the same or different company knows our value and achievement so that if our boss knows our values and do not give us good pay raise or promotion, we have options.  And let your boss knows (certainly in a nice way) if you have offers from others.

4.      With The Right Way

What is meant here is the right content, with the right way, at the right place and at the right time.


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