What You Should Know About FreeTripleScore.com

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If you have been watching TV lately then you have for certain seen the most recent advertisements for this website to allow you to see all three credit reports for free.  Now the ads for FreeTripleScore.com actually does contain great facts, such as all reports might not have the same information.  Also that your credit score could keep from getting a job that you wanted.  However there is one thing that they do leave out in the ads that you should know.

FreeTripleScore.com is done by Privacy Matters 1-2-3 and they happen to get your reports and score from TransUnion Interactive.  What does this mean for you?  That the credit scores you see for free aren’t the most accurate credit scores.  Now I know that the credit reports come from one of the major credit bureaus, however remember from my post on August 4th about FICO Credit Score that the credit scores are actually not owned by the credit bureaus.   The credit scores on FreeTripleScore.com aren’t FICO certified which they must be to have your true FICO Score.


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