How to Be a Wonderful Father

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Step 1

The first step in becoming a wonderful father is to set an excellent example for your children to follow. Be their positive role model. Set an example of what to do and what not to do. Wouldn’t you want your daughters to marry someone who is a positive influence in their lives?

Step  2

Second, be faithful to your children. In other words, be a reliable father. Be there for them when they are going through rough times. Your words should always be true and should also reflect that through actions.

Step 3

Next, be honest with your children. By being dishonest, not only will your children disrespect you, it will also destroy the relationship. By being honest, you can both open up to each other and get to know one another better.

Step 4

This step is very important. Make sure that you spend time with your children. That means be a giving father. Make time to have family time. Take your son to a baseball game and enjoy watching it together. Take your daughter shopping. Don’t be the father who is all too preoccupied with his work or hobby that he has no time to spend with his children. Go out, spend time with your kids, and have a good time together.

Step 5

Teach your children morals and values of life. Be a positive influence for them and for their future. By living through your values, your children will walk in the same path as you. Always encourage them to strife for the better and always welcome them and embrace them with your unconditional love.

Step 6

Communicate with your children. Know what is happening in their lives. Communication can build trust and you might know things about your children that you never knew about. Be that shoulder to lean and cry on. Give strong advice and just be there for them.

Step 7

Last but not least, love your children for who they are. You’re children are a gift from God and you should cherish every second you are with them. Just as God loves us all unconditionally, good fathers need to love their children the same way.


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