Triple Your Fun With Your Three Toddlers

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As your family continue to grow and expand, you will learn how to be flexible, just like my husband and I did, you will learn how to manage your triple toddlers who are classified as the triplets, I can see why the person who create this name for triplets, called them triplets, because they are just like that, a trip to the max.

On the day of August 1, 2006 our girls where born on a early Tuesday Morning, which made us the happiest, proudest parents ever lived, because we knew that God had over blessed us with a remarkable set of triplets, wow, this moment was breath taking, excited and also very challenging, for me at least, because I knew how to be a mother for one baby at a time not three at a time, however, nevertheless, my husband and I made it through, by holding each others hands, and taking lots of deep breathes, and kept telling each other, this is not as bad as it seems, so long story short, we got through six weeks, then six weeks turn into six months, which turned into a year, and now it is already two years, simply because we did not thinking about it, nor gave it any time to linger in our minds as, this is impossible, we didn’t look at it like the girls was a double responsibility, we looked at it as a triple your fun or triple your fun family activity, we turn what could have been full of exhaustion into full of excitement by giving our love to three precious gifts a time, placing our focus and determination in catering to their needs all at once.

Getting through that allowed us to see what we as parents and humans are really capable of doing, with so many multiple, multitask responsibilities and abilities, so we say if we can, than everybody can to, do what we do, triple your fun with your three toddlers, because it will truly be a moment and memory that you will want to cherish and keep for years to come.

With Great Inspiration,

Latwanuia Henry


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