How to Make your own Home Made Essential Oils

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The carrier oil, or oil that will be infused with the herbs, should be a high quality oil such as canola or jojoba. The rule of thumb is to use ¼ ounce of herbs to each cup of carrier oil. This ratio ensures that you will get the full benefits of the oil.

The next step is to infuse the herbs into the oil with heat. This can be accomplished with a crock pot, your oven, or you can allow natural sunlight to do it for you.

The most preferred way is to simply mix the oil and herbs together and heat them on low for eight hours in a crock pot.

If you wish to use your oven, put the oil and herbs in a glass or ceramic dish with a lid. Set your oven to 150 degrees and heat for two hours.

To allow the sun to infuse the mixture put it in a quart jar, put the lid on and put it where it will get full sun for at least two weeks. The jar you use should have a rubber seal inside the lid, never use a bare metal lid as the metal can easily contaminate your oil. This may be the best option if you want to make several different oils at the same time.

Once the heating process is complete allow the mixture to cool. Strain it through the cheesecloth, discard the solids and you are now ready to use your own home made essential oil. DO NOT ingest even small quantities of these oils as they are meant strictly for topical use.

Label the jar or bottle you put your oil in with the exact date it was created. Six months is the normal shelf life of home made oils at which time they should be discarded and new oils made.

To preserve the medicinal and aromatic qualities of your oils they should be stored in a dark, cool and dry location.

While homemade essential oils will help relieve symptoms of various mental and bodily disorders their effectiveness depends greatly on the quality of the herbs used to create them. You can find high quality, organic herbs either at a local herb shop or from one of the many herb shops found online.

DO NOT heat your oils in a microwave as it will rob the herbs of their medical and aromatic qualities.


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