Having the Right Gear for Mountain Biking

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For a new mountain biker, it can be very empowering to see your biking heroes sport all those gears and protective equipments every time you see them on TV or in real life. They use them for a purpose mind you, and not just for the cool factor that these gears bring.

There can be endless numbers of biking gears and accessories for you to purchase. A store sales person may tempt you to buy more of the expensive stuff. Know that not all of these mountain biking gears and safety equipments are that very important, some in fact are just there for the cool factor and effects while some do really offer top-notch protection. Always remember that you are sometimes buying the brand name and not the quality of the product. You have to be keen to the details ad know when to buy some of the protective gears that is close within your budget. Mountain bike gears and accessories can really go crazy with their prices; here are a few tips to help you choose only the important ones that are right for you.

Mountain Bike Helmet:

This is top priority and one of the most important buy in your mountain biking gear arsenal. This is your preventive measure in protecting your head when you go mountain biking. Countless bike accidents could have not been fatal when a proper headgear or biking helmet is in place. There are stylish ones that are readily available in your bike store, choose one wisely and have the best one that offers fashion and safety to your head.

Mountain biking gloves:

The main purpose of the mountain biking gloves are not to make you look like just a biker but to give an ease of pressure to your palms to the handle bar of the mountain bike during off road trekking. In addition, it is very useful in maintaining a steady firm grip with the handlebars of your mountain bike. The hands are usually the first impact limbs during a crash, so it is wise to have them covered and in safety check.

Eyewear and eye gear Protection:

These equipments do not only make you look good on your bike, but they offer protection to your eyes. They keep away dust and other irritants that may cause you to lose focus on the road. Always look for the ones that offer anti-glare or UV rays protected eyewear for an added protection.

Mountain Biking Shoes:

There are many mountain bike shoes available; they can vary to the type of terrain you want to trek with. The right ones for you are the one that offers the best comfort and have a good grip on the pedals. You must not wear out the sole of the feet after all those pedaling. Always have the terrain in mind when buying your mountain bike shoes.

Water and Hydration equipments:

When you go mountain biking it is best to be hydrated at all times. When sweat occurs one can easily lose good amounts of body liquids, have a perfect container of water or energy boosting drinks ready and equip with your bike. Always sip away the moment you feel thirsty, as this is a good indication of you getting dehydrated.


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