Hudson River jet crash: New York airbus jet crash

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In New York, a jet crashed into the Hudson River off of 48th street, midtown of Manhattan due to flock of birds that destroyed its engines. The pilot was identified as Chelsey B. Sullenberger III according to AP. All 155 people are safe. There was only one report of injury and that is the victim had two broken legs. The plane was an Airbus A 320 that took off from the LaGuardia Airport. Police and firefighters rescued the people from water safely.

The good thing is that the pilot did a good job of landing and everyone was rescued and there is no death involved. One passenger Jeff Kolodjay stated that just after took off he heard an explosion and then the engine was on fire. The captain warned everyone to embrace as he will land the plane. A witness looking out from his window says that it was a “controlled descent.” About 78 people were treated by the paramedics. Most of them were chilled from the water. The birds were the problem that caused the engine to choke. There were many bird issues before and it’s a problem for airplane. Where ever there are birds there will be problems. The good thing was that everyone was safe and the pilot did a great, heroic job. He had 29 years of flying experience according to AP. This came as worry for many people since plane crash is very dangerous. Everyone was glad that all passengers are mostly safe and only one person had two broken legs. There were some banks employees on the plane as well.



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