Living in the Now

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When we think of the past and future in a literal sense it is an illusion because you can’t touch it; you can remember it, fantasize about it, try to plan for it, but you are not physically participating in it. The only thing that matters is the “now” the past and present are only illusions of what was or what is to come. Often times we focus so much on those moments that we miss out on what is happening right now. We stress out so much about what is going to happen, or focus so much on what did happen that we miss out on what’s happening right now. How to Live in the NOW!!!

The past is a Memory: From our past we can learn to correct our mistake & improve upon our successes. Design blue prints on how to make better more informed decisions and ultimately become better individuals. The past cant be changed so it becomes a learning tool for us to create better tomorrows.

The Future is a Vision: We hope & plan for tomorrow, set goals & work twards securing our future. However we cant become so attached to tomorrow that we fail to enjoy today. What’s the point of working to create a future of joy and freedom if my present reality is just the opposite?

Today is your Reality: Live for Today: I challenge all of you to cherish every moment of TODAY…even the small things that you never acknowledge; love today, be kind today, laugh today, because who knows what is going to happen tomorrow…I know that we are all familiar with this ideal but we seldom actually practice it…Once we master this basic principal our lives will overflow with joy and become alot less stressful.

My suggestions are to:

*  Allow life to become fascinating once again as we regain that childlike sense of awe in everything we experience.
*  Begin to practice paying attention, being mindful of what we are doing, we begin to make full use of our five senses so that we are actually tasting our food, enjoying the sensations of movement, and discovering with wonder the many things around us that have previously gone unnoticed.
*  Experience the freedom of living today.
*  Know that, there is no someday.  There is only right now.  If your current life path isn’t a joyful one, turn around and take a different path.


*  Dont become the person that works hard to create wealth but dies before he can enjoy it.
*  Dont become the person that lives their life looking backward and fail to see the beauty in front of you.


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