How to Be a Great Father

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Generally we think about the mother having the great relaionship with the children and Dad just providing the financial support and disciple. But, to be a great father you need to do more. Financial support and disciple are very important but a great father has a relationship with his children.

A Great Father Sets an Example. As the “Man” of the house our children both boys and girls need a good role model. When asked what is a good father the answer should be my Dad. Who is your role model? It would be great if we could say our Dad. You want your sons to be good fathers and husbands. You want your daughters to marry good husbands and fathers. How can they know what that is if they never see one. Set an example.

A Great Father Is Faithful. This means your word is true and there is no disconnection between your actions and your words. As we know God is faithful. His Word will never return void. If He said it, it will be done (I believe it). God is the same yesterday, today and tommorrow. As a father can you say the same thing? We need to also get away from the “do as I say not as I do” mentality. None of us are perfect yet we should live up to our word, especially with our children.  Be Faithful.

A Great Father is Open and Honest. Considering the age of your children you need to always be as open and honest as you can. Honesty in a relationship builds trust and respect. Dishonesty in a relationship destroys not only respect but the relationship itself. Do you expect your children to be open and honest with you? Be Open and Honest with them.

A Great Father is Giving. All fathers want to give the best things to their children. The best thing you can give them is yourself and your quality time. Be involved in their lives and when you are with them be there and no where else. How much time you spend with your kids is important but it pales in comparison to the quality of that time. If your time with them is preoccupied with other matters you have wasted your time. Eventually they will not want that time because it is of little value to them. Give Them Quality Time.

A Great Father Teaches Values. Establish the values of your home. Live by your values and teach them to your children. Teach by word and by example. Be a Doer of the Word. As you model integrity you gain repect, especially with your children. Teach your children values.

A Great Father Loves and Respects their children.  You must Love and Respect your children and their feelings. You must also show love and respect to their mom. No matter your relationship with mom without respect for her you are a terrible father no matter what you do. Show Love and Respect to your children and their mom.

A Great Father Talks to His Children. Above all things communication may be the hardest but it is the most important. No matter what the situation is, communication can build your relationship or tear it down. Let us work on building a great relationship with our children. Talk to your children.


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