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There are many reasons we choose to write articles from home. We might write an article becuase we have a passion for the topic. We might write an article because we feel there is a need to share the information. We might even write an article to make money on the internet. All are valid reasons and there may even be more reasons. But if you really want to make money online writing articles you should keep these things in mind.

First you must have a passion for what you are doing. Therefore, choose a subject that interest you. Your passion comes through just as your lack of interest would.

Next you must know your subject. Content is king. What value is any article if all the information is wrong. Today it is easy to research the gaps in our understanding. Google is your friend. So is Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines. Use them. Gather and present accurate information.

Choose your key words wisely. As your keywords or tags are what the search engines use to know what your content is. Therefore, your keywords should adequately reflect the content of your article.

Now you should optimize your article. This is the most important step in writing an article that will make money online. To optimize your article you ensure the key words are reflected in the title, your opening statement, and the content. Do not over do it because the search engines are sophisticated enough to know when you are loading an article with key words.

Finally, you should socialize your article. My word. Submit you article to the social media sites you belong to like stumble upon, digg, yahoo buzz, twitter, linked in etc. ask you friends to read, rate, comment on and review your article so it will create buzz and your article and you will have a greater presence and more visits. This equals money to you.


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