Summertime Crafts to Do With Your Kids

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When the temperature is hot, and your youngsters are bored, then they should get involved in summertime crafts. Youngsters are always thrilled to be free from the class routine when they are permitted out for summer vacation; however, it isn’t long until they begin pondering about what to do. Summertime crafts for children will keep them busy and perhaps even learn a thing or two.

During the summer months, children’s crafts can require such findings, for example: seashells and starfish are some great objects to use. Allow your children to create a collage by gluing these items on a stiff piece of cardboard. Assist them with spray painting some of their items using silver or metallic acrylic paint. Instead, they would enjoy cementing some sheen to their collection. You can also turn wild flowers into preserved flower arrangements by drying them. Place the arrangement of flowers in a handmade vase.

Vases are another excellent craft to make with your youngsters. A modest vase can be constructed from a clean glass salad dressing bottles. This works extremely well because they tend to be smooth and have a natural shape for a vase. Make sure that the bottle is clean on the inside and out before you start making your vase. Begin your piece of art by using pieces of masking tape and place on the bottle. When you are finished covering your bottle with the masking tape, color over the tape with a marker. When you finished your vase, it will have a distinct look and feel.

You can adorn a vase cover in several ways. The child can sketch a summer scene on the paper and afterwards adorn it with added on shine or by using small stickers of summer toys. Another concept is for the youngster to write their name in big letters, and let them glue on beans, seeds, or shine. Allow the glue to dry first, before attaching the paper to the outside of the can. You can add water and fresh flowers or leave the vase dry for your dried flowers.

You can additionally use the can for a knick knack holder or a place to set pens, pencils, and markers. To achieve these real summertime crafts for youngsters, glue grass seed heads and found seed pods to the paper in a fancy way.
 Jar vases can become a great summertime craft for children, too. Canning jars can create some remarkably artful vases, although you can use any cast off mayo, pickle, or other jar, even impressible ones, will work, too. To make a jar into a vase, this requires the jar to be sparkling clean. Children enjoy getting wet during the summer, so allow them to roll up their sleeves, or they can throw on a swim suit and have some fun splashing in the sink while you are washing the dishes. After the vase is clean and dry, tie a captivating ribbon around the opening. If desired, dress up the outside of the vase affixed with string and buttons.

Another summer craft that will be an instant hit is to make a jigsaw puzzle. This is easy to make by gluing a page that they have colored onto a sheet of cardboard and cutting the pieces out. When the puzzles are finished, your children will have hours of fun putting the pieces together and trading them with their friends. You can also use magazine pages and even copies of different pictures to create your puzzles with.

Rock paperweights are a decorative option for your children to make during the summer. You can find medium sized rocks just about anywhere to make these decorative pieces for your home. Let your children’s creative juices flow by giving them crafting paint and letting them make their own designs on their rocks.

Crafting isn’t just only fun, but a great way for your family to spend some quality time together. It also allows them to be creative and show off their finished pieces to friends and family while having fun doing them. These summer crafts will be a hit that all of your children can enjoy.


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